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I recieved reflexology with Thomas every week while I was pregnant and I now sing his praises to everyone, expecially pregnant women. Prenatal reflexology can make a world of a difference as your body is constantly changing and adjusting to the growth of your baby within. One problem I had was with the vertebrea between my shoulderblades going out of place with the added weight of my chest and all my ligaments loosening. It was very uncomfortable when they would fall out of place. Thomas would work with the corresponding bones and joints in my feet, and after a few minutes of working with those reflexes I would feel a huge click of the joint in my foot as it adjusted. Then I would take a deep breath and feel the vertibrea in my back do the same. It was amazing and such a relief. Thomas's work is really something special and I always leave feeling physically, metally and emotionally more sound and at peace. R.J.
Thomas is an amazing healer. Each time I have a session, I feel as though I've been able to touch places in myself that have just been waiting, all this time. I see him for migraine treatments, but it always ends up being about so much more. He's a wonderful guide who truly understands the worlds of the physical body, Eastern medicine, and subtle energies. Powerful AND enjoyable! Thank you. M.H.

I'm the workshop coordinator for .........Massage Education and have been a massage therapist for 15 years. I was quite impressed with Thomas' breadth of information, joyful humor and clarity in the demo. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to study Reflexology or to have a Reflexology session. Having lived in the Bay Area for 10 years, I had a wonderful opportunity to study with pioneers in our bodywork field (i.e. Anna Halprin, Dean Juhan and Jamie McHugh) and I feel the same about Thomas. B.B.

It was a pleasure to meet you Tom and experience my first Reflexology. To those who read this I am a scientist/engineer who had the most incredible healing first session with Tom. It would take more then one paragraph to describe my experience but literally speaking as a scientist/engineer it was amazing. I will be back and highly recommend Sedona Reflexology as the best of the best! B..L.

" I don't know what it is about reflexology. I get so wound up, but it [reflexology] takes 
me down, down, down to the simplest truth." R.E.

Thanks Thomas, for inviting me to join your group. I loved my session with you on Monday, I am still feeling the after effects of it and have had some very helpful epiphany's about my life this week. Thank you again, Love H.M.

HI Thomas,
The foot reflexology you gave me facilitated a softening 
for me. I had been holding on tightly and I felt an ease come deeply 
into my cells - a release of joy that was there all the time, but 
which I was having a hard time staying in touch with. The coating of 
protectiveness was dissolved - like the husk of a seed being broken, 
so that the germinated seed can truly expand and grow into its full 

Thank you Thomas for the wonderful session on wednesday!! I have had a LOT of shifts in the last couple of days since. Will be back soon! D.L.D.

I have been working with Thomas on a regular basis since mid January 
of 2010. Along the way there has been much growth, unfoldment, 
emerging of "me". All of that has been quite wonderful, and more or 
mostly less dramatic. Usually just a quiet and gentle experience. I 
know that in many ways I have gotten not just physiologically younger 
and more present in my body and to the world, but spiritually more 
youthful and honest.
Some time in the past month an even deeper change was triggered. I 
(know)no longer remember any stories or experiences exactly of that 
session. But almost immediately afterwards I woke up "sick". Sore 
throat & and headache mostly. I told myself it was "just allergies" 
and went ahead with my very demanding schedule. For the record, in the 
past couple decades I am rarely "sick". Just doesn't happen. After 72 
hours or so it became clear that this was a force to be reckoned with 
inside myself, both physically and more importantly emotionally and 
spiritually. 7 days in I was due for my appt with Thomas, and after 
checking that he was comfortable with it I showed up for my session. I 
remember little about that session. I think I left feeling pretty 
good, but the headaches kept returning, especially at night with a 
scary intensity that was barely touched by ibuprophen. While that same 
week I had substituted a 7 hour shift for a 24 hour shift I was still 
working "as usual". A few days later I was at work and the headache 
situation had approached really scary proportions. The only time I've 
ever had a bad headaches for longer than 24-36 hours was when I had 
meningitis 30+ years ago. It was quiet, so I took the chance and 
called Thomas. He answered the phone by saying "I've been sitting here 
waiting for you to call"! In his inimitable way he talked me through 
much of the internal underlying emotional/spiritual pathology behind 
my physical pain. I sat there with tears of confirmation streaming 
down my face. The headache receded and did not return.
The next time I saw him I remember complaining about so many tasks at 
home that I hadn't had energy or "time" for, what with working sooo 
many hours(55-70 per week for the past year). By then, while not 
"well" I no longer felt sick either. That was on a Tuesday. I 
completed my errands and went home. I have lived in the same place now 
for just under a year. In all that time it never occurred to me to see 
if I could get internet signal from anywhere. Lo and behold I could/ 
can. Which means I was more connected to the world than I thought. The 
next day I woke up early and went as usual into my kitchen to make 
tea. While there I spotted one of the myriad tasks I'd felt unable to 
tackle before. I started in and could not stop. For the rest of the 
day!! It was amazing. By the end of accomplishing so many small tasks, 
I felt I'd finally moved in. That I have a home. Yes, certain things 
remain to do, but they do not loom or discourage. Some of this had not 
been done since moving in last April. Some had hung around since the 
fall following my daughter's living with me for a while in this very 
tiny space. At one point during this very busy and satisfying day I 
took off my nice rimless glasses to shower and wash my hair. The 
glasses, despite bringing in 2 other people with good vision, have not 
been seen since! So. I am wearing glasses from around 1969! Round 
"john lennon" glasses in real gold. Not my best look at this age, but 
I see fine. In fact in some ways better. Everything is bigger/closer 
to me altho still sharp. In the first part of the 70's I was a very 
orderly person, before depressions and marriage to a very messy person 
changed my way of being. I must say the messy was a valuable "learning 
experience", as was depression, but I prefer the direction I am now 
taking in my living space, towards greater order, harmony and peace. 
So, as well as feeling much more connected to my "true" self, I also 
feel much more connected to the world. It has come closer. Or rather I 
have moved closer. I am quite sure without Thomas's able assistance 
this wouldn't have happened so soon or so gracefully.
I am very grateful.

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